Barrel is the shortest of the trio, and is more bulky than his cohorts, being nearly twice as wide as Lock. His skin is alabaster white, his body adorned with a skeleton costume. He also wears a pale white mask with two rows of pearly white teeth to accompany the costume. He is one of the three secondary antagonists in the movie.

He's assumed to be the least intelligent of the group, though still quite ill-mannered, but is more easily influenced to do whatever he's told. He always carries candy with him, having a real sweet tooth.

He is, alongside Shock and LockOogie Boogie's henchman, but doesn't seem to be loyal to him, since he's often found doing odd jobs for Jack, too. He and his cohorts are given the task to travel to Christmas Town and kidnap "Sandy Claws". On their first try they mistakenly take the Easter Bunny instead, which angers Jack, and are told to take the frightened Holiday Spirit back to his own world. They succeed on the second attempt on bringing "Sandy Claws" to Jack.

In the original movie he is voiced by Danny Elfman who is also provides the singing voice of Jack Skellington, and the voice of the Clown With the Tear-Away Face. Jeff Bennet provides the voice in Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II, and Dee Bradley Baker in The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie's Revenge.


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