Clementine is a character who appears in Zero's Journey.

She is the head of Santa Claus' reindeer and has the honor of lighting the star candle on the Christmas tree every year.

She is a reindeer that appears to have a red, glowing nose, much like the famous Rudoloph the Red-Nosed reindeer. She appears to have green makeup on her eyes with long eyelashes and wears a sort of wreath around her neck with a red bow. She also has curled hair that can be seen on the back of her head.

Zero's Journey[edit | edit source]

Clementine is introduced by Santa Claus while Zero and Lock, Shock, and Barrel are sharing the Christmas Eve feast. However, when Santa decides to give Zero the torch to light the Christmas tree that year since he can also fly,

Clementine quickly becomes jealous and chases him atop the tree. When she bumps him aside to take the torch, she becomes spooked after Zero is sent into the tree and accidentally lights it, causing a catastrophic fire afterwards.

Personality[edit | edit source]

There isn't much yet revealed of Clementine, though it can be assumed she takes her role as the candle lighter highly, as she gets jealous when Zero is chosen for the job.

Concept Arts[edit | edit source]

Two pieces of concept arts were given in Book 3, both drawn by Kiyoshi Arai.

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