Disney Crossy Road is a mobile game made by Hipster Whale, based on the original game "Crossy Road". It contains over 400 Disney/Pixar characters and many iconic locations.

Gameplay Edit

The game is completely 8-bit styled with its characters and environments. The music is also specially 8-bit designed to tunes from select movies.

Players click on the screen to make their characters hop and dodge cars. The goal of the game is to get to the other side without "splatting". Players can purchase their characters either by using real money or by buying the game's prize machines. They can also be obtained through missions or challenges.

  • Classic characters - $0.99
  • Rare characters - $1.99
  • Epic characters - $2.99
  • Legendary characters - $4.99

If on idle mode in the TNBC world, Jack's snowmobile will come and take the player away, ending the game.

The Nightmare Before Christmas World Edit

On October 27th 2016, the game released an update with a Nightmare Before Christmas world


, including 40 characters, of which five are secret characters. They are listed and ranked as followed:

Classic Characters Edit

Rare Characters Edit

Epic Characters Edit

Secret Characters Edit

Enchanted Characters Edit


The world takes place in Halloween Town, where citizens, elves, reindeer, bathtubs, ghosts, and snakes replace the cars. Snakes replace logs, the water is turned green, and floating pumpkins are in place of lilies.

Trivia Edit

  • The game was released in order to celebrate the Halloween season, hence it being released on October 27th.
  • The Jack Skellington figurine is the most tallest and largest character in the game.
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas world contains the most characters, with 45 planned in total.
  • The unreleased figurines are the Black Cat and Zeldaborne, and an upcoming figurine is Helgamine.
  • The retired figurine was the Hanging Tree.

Gallery Edit

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