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The Holiday Doors are magical doorways that lead into a Holiday World. These passages into other worlds are on seven trees in the Hinterlands. Jack Skellington discovers them and when he decides to open the Christmas Door, he is sucked into the world of Christmas Town. It is also possible that each of the Holiday Worlds also have these as well.

Each door feature a different comical symbol of which is sufficiently representative of the holiday that their world is based on. Each door is unique in shape and has its own tree as an anchor.

Each door comes in different shapes:

  • Valentine's Day - Heart
  • St. Patrick's Day - Four-leaf clover
  • Easter - Easter egg
  • Independence Day - Firecracker
  • Halloween - Jack-o'-lantern
  • Thanksgiving - Turkey
  • Christmas - Christmas tree

In front of each tree with a Holiday door on it, objects can possibly be used as steps such as the Valentine's Day door that has a pink and white striped present tied in a red ribbon.


  • In The Nightmare Before Christmas Mash-Up Pack for Minecraft, the Halloween Town, Christmas Town, and Easter doors can be opened, but the Easter door only leads to a rabbit and a chest with a music disc inside.
    • In addition, there are two extra doors: a pumpkin topped with snow (to a snowed-in Halloween Town), and a building with two windows, to the real world.

Visual errors[]

When Jack enters the middle of the Hinterlands and he sees the Holiday doors for the first time, there are two mushrooms in front of the St. Patrick's door instead of three as intended while the Easter and Thanksgiving doors are mirrored with their places switched. The three Easter eggs in front of the Easter door are differently positioned.


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