The doors that lead to other towns.

Holiday Doors are magic doorways that lead into a Holiday World. These passages into other worlds are on 7 trees in the Hinterlands. Jack Skellington discovers them and when he decides to open the Christmas Door, he is sucked into the Christmas world of Christmas Town, and Santa Claus. It is also possible that the Holiday Worlds also have these, seeing as how Halloween Town has them and it could be that Jack returned by way of Christmas Town's Halloween Holiday Door. The doors that we see here all feature a different comical symbol of which is sufficiently representative of the holiday that their world is based on.

The 7 Doors are gateways to travel to the holiday worlds of old. Each door is unique in shape and has its own tree as an anchor.

The seven doors and their shapes:

  • Valentine's Day - Heart
  • St. Patrick's Day - Four-leaf clover
  • Easter - Easter egg
  • Independence Day - Firecracker
  • Halloween - Jack-o'-lantern
  • Thanksgiving - Turkey
  • Christmas - Christmas tree

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