Howly is a character who appears in Zero's Journey.

He is a grey owl who has two long strands of hair above his beak and two long, pointed ears. He is Jouelle's pet and is often seen with half-lidded eyes, which are outlined in purple.

Personality Edit

There is not much known about Howly's personality. He doesn't show much emotion while meeting Zero but, after a pause of met silence, becomes friends with him. It's likely he enjoys the company of fellow animals, as he resides with the ones Jouelle lets into her home and allows reindeer to follow him and Zero.

Zero's Journey Edit

Howly first appears in Zero's Journey issue #1, being the first one Zero meets after teleported out of Halloween Town. While searching the forest, Howly introduces himself by landing on the branch of a nearby tree and hoo-ing at Zero suspiciously. Zero barks at him in alarm, but instead Howly twists his head upside down.

Zero approaches him and startles Howly for a moment, but then tugs at Zero's ears and becomes quick friends with him. He notices the cold and offers Zero to follow him, who then leads him to Christmas Town and eventually Jouelle's home. After receiving sanctuary, he is asked by Jouelle to bring her the book of Christmas, resting on her chair and listening as she tells Zero of their traditions and more of their holiday.


Howly meeting Zero.

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