Igor is Dr. Finkelstein's assistant and probably one of his creations. Not much is known about him other than he likes dog biscuits. He has a few scraggly hairs, a sealed shut left eye, crooked teeth, and a giant hunch back. Igor is voiced by Joe Ranft in the original film and by Rob Paulsen in Oogie's Revenge.

The Pumpkin KingEdit

Igor was first shown when he ran off and accidently locked Dr. Finkelstein out of the lab. When the bugs drove the security system wild, he was captured. Jack fights his way through the lab to destroy the bug that's damaging the control box, and thus set Igor free. Afterwards, he returns to the doctor and lets him back in.

Oogie's Revenge Edit

Igor is first met when Jack goes to investigate Dr. Finkelstein's strange behavior. He tells Jack that he cannot let him in, as for the Doctor's orders. Jack offers to get Igor a box of Bone Biscuits if he lets him in. After Igor gets his biscuits, he helps Jack disable the electrode machine guarding the doctor's lab.

Trivia Edit

  • Igor is based off of the stock-character "Igor" who is attributed to being the hunchbacked lab-assistant of Dr. Frankenstein in gothic stories. In the actual movies Frankenstein's hunchbacked lab-assistant was named Fritz while Ygor was a grave-robber from the third movie who had a twisted neck.
  • Igor's voice is modelled after that of actor Peter Lorre who is often misattributed to having portrayed the character.
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