Jouelle is a character who appears in the sequel comic book, Zero's Journey.

She is an elf in Christmas Town who has green, swirly hair, rosy cheeks, pointed ears(the left with an earring), and a pointed, red nose. She is seen wearing a red coat with an apron on as well as a toque blanche.

Zero's Journey[edit | edit source]

Jouelle first shows in the #1 edition of Zero's Journey, where, after being led by Howly and reindeer in the forest, Zero is brought into a cave-like home. He is introduced to Jouelle, who offers him pumpkin spice mixed with egg nog and offers him to rest in her home.

Jouelle with Zero.

She recognizes Zero has come from Halloween Town and understands Howly brought him there because he is lost. She then asks Howly to bring her the Book of Christmas, and shows Zero their many Christmas traditions while offering him solace from the cold.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Not much is known about Jouelle, but it can be assumed that she has a soft spot for animals, as she lends

Jouelle introducing Christmas traditions to Zero.

them shelter and allows them to sleep in her home by the fire, even owning a pet owl. She may also love to bake, as she is seen wearing an apron and mittens and even offers Zero some of the food she is making. She is also proud of Christmas Town and its traditions, as she speaks highly of them when introducing it to Zero, even mentioning that Christmas is more beloved than Halloween.

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