Lock is a secondary antagonist, and part of the trick-or-treating trio and henchman for Oogie Boogie alongside Shock and Barrel. He is voiced by Paul Reubens in the movie and in Oogie's Revenge, but is played by Jess Harnell in Kingdom Hearts.

He has a tall and narrow face with red hair and two wavy bangs. His mouth is blue and he wears a standard red shirt, pants, and shoes, with a devil-like tail sticking out of his clothes. He, along with Shock and Barrel, wears a mask to accompany his devil getup - which is a standard red mask with narrow slits for the eyes and two pointed horns at the top, resembling closely to a devil.

Personality Edit

Lock often quarrels with the other two Trick-or-Treaters and doesn't like it when he's being insulted or disrespected. When Shock says she "wishes her cohorts weren't so dumb", Lock is the first to get insulted and says he's not the dumb one. He pouts after being told to shut up, and retorts with "make me!". However, he shares the same twisted and morbid ideas as Shock and Barrel do.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Edit

Lock is first introduced when Jack Skellington summons him and his cohorts for their Christmas assignment of kidnapping "Sandy Claws". After being told their task, he is the first one who tries to leave until Jack pulls him back by the tail, bringing up to his face and strictly warning him and the others to "leave Oogie Boogie out of it". He then promises Jack they won't, but crosses his fingers behind his back, like Shock and Barrel.

The three then leave for their treehouse, and Lock says that he wants to kidnap "Sandy Claws" before they all agree to do it together. In their song, Kidnap the Sandy Claws, he suggests boiling "Sandy Claws" alive and buttering him up, then later shoots Barrel out from their cannon after demonstrating that "Sandy Claws will be no more!".

Lock makes another appearance with Shock and Barrel again with their first try of kidnapping "Sandy Claws". However, they mistakenly kidnap the Easter Bunny instead. When Jack shows them the shape of the Christmas tree door they were supposed to go through, Lock quickly looks over at his cohorts and plays with his hands guiltily, highly implying that it was him who mistook the Easter door for the Christmas one. When Shock chokes him, he lunges at her and attempts to throw a few punches at her.

They are then told by Jack to take the frightened Holiday Leader back to his own world, which they promise to do. Lock and his fellow Trick-or-Treaters are more successful with their second attempt on kidnapping "Sandy Claws". When Jack expresses his approval and tells them to ensure "Sandy Claws" is comfortable, it is Lock who decides to bring him to Oogie Boogie, insisting that it's the most comfortable place for him. He helps Shock and Barrel shove him down the pipe into Oogie's Lair, and laugh after hearing him get taunted by Boogie.

In a deleted scene, it is shown that Lock and the others gather popcorn to watch Oogie Boogie kill Santa Claus and Sally. When Jack finds them and scares them off, he scurries along with Barrel and Shock to alarm the Mayor that Jack isn't dead and he's still alive. They lead him to Oogie's Lair and are by the Mayor's side when they drop a ladder down to get Jack and Sally.

In the ending of the movie, Lock and the others accompany the ride back to town on top of the Mayor's car, waving to the Halloween Town citizens. They are later shown playing in the snow and even throw a snowball at Jack, to which Lock hides and laughs with Shock and Barrel, thus being his last appearance in the movie.


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  • It is discussed whether or not Lock is the leader of the trio, or Shock.