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Mirror Moon is a comic/graphic novel series published by TOKYOPOP, intended to be a sequel continuation to The Nightmare Before Christmas. It is written by Mallory Reaves with artwork by Gabriella Chianello and Nataliya Torretta.

The series ran for five issues that began on July 28th, 2021, and ended on April 20th, 2022. A graphic novel that includes all five issues was released as an Ebook the same day the series concluded with a paperback version set to release in August.


"When the master of scares Jack Skellington has a dream about bringing his expertise in spookiness to the rest of the holiday worlds, he appoints Sally the official Halloween planner so he can spend his time on his newest invention. But as Sally coordinates with the Halloween Town residents, it becomes clear that something is very wrong. It's almost as if there's a secret doppelganger sneaking around behind her back! Can she get to the bottom of this mystery in time to save the celebrations?"


The comic starts off with Jack Skellington having a dream about all the holiday doors opening at once. It moves to Sally getting alarmed about a town meeting and visiting Jack at his front door. He informs her about his dream and asks for her help, which she learns is to take over all the Halloween planning while he works on a magical mirror. She is disheartened with the sudden responsibility, but confidently takes over Jack's agenda for the day and ends up exhausted. She takes a break and tosses a forget-me-not into a lake, only to find the water frozen like a mirror. She touches it and it shatters, getting a vision of Jack's broken mirror.

Sally gets the feeling something will go wrong with Jack's plan, but is approached by the Vampire Brothers. They praise Jack's plans, but lament the fact that they have no reflections, and won't have copies to help them. Sally assures the brothers and sends them off. She makes the decision not to go near Jack's mirror in fear of breaking it. The story later moves to Sally approached by the Mayor, fretting that they're behind. They go into town and approach Gourd, a pumpkin-headed scarecrow, for pumpkin approval. Sally finds there aren't enough pumpkins, to which Gourd shrugs off saying that Jack will just copy them. Sally scolds him for slacking off and learns that Jack had approved of the pumpkins previously, and says that he left for the forest.

Sally goes in search to find him, only to bump into the Tall Witch, who asks for her baneberries, claiming she already sent her for them. Sally doesn't remember such a thing and feels something strange is going on. She encounters Zero shortly after, engaging in a small game of fetch with him. She is soon baffled to find Zero playing with another copy of him. She turns around and encounters her clone. She asks who she is, only to find the clone running off.

Sally is confused by her encounters and wonders if Jack already started copying the townsfolk. She brings the berries back to Helgamine, who claims she already brought her them. Sally follows her clone's trail and finds the town in confused havoc, blaming each other and looking for their copies. The Mayor finds Sally and mentions they're behind in their plans. He claims the copies are working, but Jack's haphazard delivery methods are causing chaos. Sally informs him that she and others have been cloned. The citizens claim it's a disaster, asking how they can tell who is and isn't a copy. Sally puts the Mayor in charge while she finds Jack.

Sally wanders into Jack's tower and stumbles upon him talking to her clone. He tells her how the mirror works and mentions he has yet to try copying people. He demonstrates with sunlight how the mirror copies reflections with moonlight. Sally realizes the mirror is angled so the moonlight bounces outside, thus accidentally copying the townsfolk. Jack incidentally reflects sunlight on the clone, poofing her out of existence. Sally saves the vial of moonlight and realizes copies can be erased by sunlight. She writes Jack a note telling him he's been accidentally copying people, and leaves the tower, only to hear the Mayor's siren outside.




  • Sally Clone
  • Jack Clone
  • Halloween Town Clones



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Issue Summaries[]


"Jack Skellington has a nightmare about all of the holiday doors opening at once! But out of that dream comes a fantastic idea to bring Halloween to all of the doors, to share the spirit of his favorite holiday with as many people as possible. His newest invention will take all of October to complete, so must ask one of his most trusted companions to take over the Halloween plans in his stead."


"The Halloween Town residents are doing their part to make Halloween happen under Sally's keen guidance. But while everyone is excited about Jack's newest invention, Sally's still shaken up by a strange vision she saw. At least everything seems to be going as planned... that is, until Sally comes face to face with an unusual creature."


"Sally was just confronted by her clone! Or maybe she was just seeing things? She's sure Jack will know what to do, but when Sally goes to talk to him she finds him talking with her clone. Listening in on their conversation, she overhears more details about Jack's secret project, which, unbeknownst to him, may not be working the way he intended."


"Sally can use all the help she can get - there's so many townsfolk doppelgangers running amok! Can she return them all to the mirror before sundown?"


"Are you seeing what Sally's seeing?"