Mister Myzer is a character who appears in the sequel comic book, Zero's Journey.

He is an elf who resides in Christmas Town with short, curly brown hair, an orange nose, and a pair of glasses. He is seen wearing a white scarf, a brown coat, and white leggings.

Zero's Journey[edit | edit source]

Zero meeting Mr. Myzer

Mr. Myzer makes his first appearance in the #6 edition of Zero's Journey. While Zero attempts to get away from the gingerbread man attacking him, the door creaks open and out steps Mr. Myzer. He is not pleased to see Zero and slams the door shut. After taking a moment to lament his feelings about Christmas, he angrily accuses Zero of ruining his solace and peace. He threatens to physically take his rage out on him.

But after seeing Zero's shining, pumpkin nose, he gets reminded of his past. Zero goes forward to lick his cheek, momentarily getting Mr. Myzer to smile. But when the gingerbread man alarms him of their previous fight with Zero, he angrily chases after the dog. He then accuses Zero of making the "boisterous noise", and threatens to show him what it's like to be annoyed, saying he'll "pay for his vicious crime". He chases after Zero and goes into the cold of Christmas Town, further dwelling his past with the holiday and expressing his disgust with it.

However, after hearing he prefers Halloween Town, Zero gets excited and gets Mr. Myzer's attention. He angrily chases after the dog, who leads further into his home. However, when Zero goes further, he enters into one of Mr. Myzer's memories of his dog, One, and the accident that ensues after.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Mr. Myzer despises Christmas and Christmas Town. He calls it "dreadful" and describes himself as

Mr. Myzer reacting to One's death.

melancholy and experiencing heartache. He says the joyous town of the elves bring him down, and finds solace in his own home. He is aggravated that the shops close down on Christmas, delaying him and making him feel like he wishes Christmas would go away. He seems to despise the snow as well, and describes himself as stuck. He also doesn't like the other holidays, saying they make him scream, but instead says Halloween is the only holiday for him.

It is likely Mr. Myzer is this way because his dog, One, died 10 years prior to Zero's visit to Christmas Town. After getting run over by an oncoming Christmas vehicle, One became deceased, successfully ruining Mr. Myzer's feelings for Christmas and claiming it was his "worst day ever".

A flashback in the comic shows One playing with an elf toy with Mister Myzer, but after it gets tossed out of the window, he chases after it while Mr. Myzer desperately calls out for him. One doesn't see the oncoming Christmas vehicle, and gets hit by it.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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