Neca released their own line of action figures from 2004--2007. The series was now aimed at collectors and included almost every character in the movie. Each character came with movie accurate accessories


Group shot of Neca action figures

24" Figures Edit

  • 24" Jack Skellington

Series 1 (2004) Edit

Series 2 (2005) Edit

Series 3 (2005) Edit

Series 4 (2006) Edit

  • Devil
  • Igor
  • Mummy Kid and Batboy (Withered Winged Demon)
  • Pumpkin King Jack

Series 5 (2006) Edit

Series 6 (2007) Edit

  • Corpse Mom and Child
  • Jack Skellington w/ desk
  • Melting Guy and Spider Monster
  • Mr Hyde

Boxed Sets Edit

  • Oogie Boogie w/ Jack Skellington
  • Lock, Shock and Barrel
  • Jack, Sally and Santa Jack
  • Jack of all trades (Regular, Santa outfit, pajama, and Pumpkin King)

Exclusive Figures Edit

  • Jack and Sally wedding cake toppers
  • Pirate Jack (SDCC)
  • Vampire Jack (SDCC)
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