Burger King did a promotion for The Nightmare Before Christmas when it hit theaters back in the Fall 1993, by giving away watches for $1.99 with any value meal purchase. These can still be bought today by collectors on eBay and at Flea Markets, Goodwill, vintage toy/collectable shops, or any other places that sell old watches.

There were 4 to collect and they each came in a black box with the movie's logo and a picture of a ribbon in different colors and a different design title on the flaps of the box.

Watches[edit | edit source]

  • Bats and Cats with Jack and black cats on a Black,Hot Pink and Purple strap with Lock,Shock and Barrel on top of the strap and Halloween Town Buildings on the bottom of strap comes in a pink box.
  • Christmas Town with Santa Claus on a Light Blue,Green and Red strap with Christmas Tree on top of the strap and Jack as Santa with Zero on the bottom of strap comes in a green box.
  • Halloween Town with Jack and the town on Black and Gray strap with fish bone design and logo on top of the strap and Lock,Shock Barrel on the bottom of strap comes in yellow box.
  • Pumpkins with Jack on top of the Spiral Hill on a Red, Dark Blue and Black strap with movie logo on top and pumpkins on the bottom.

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Burger King - Nightmare Before Christmas Watch Ad from 1993

Original commercial for the watches.

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