Oh No! (What's This?) is a song that is sung in the game: The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie's Revenge. The song is sung in the levels Christmas Town while Jack is helping the Elves with the Christmas tree and Saving Sandy while Jack is defeating the Oogie-Train so that Santa Claus has enough time to escape.

Lyrics Edit


Oh, no! Oh, no!

h, no! Oh, no! There's trouble everywhere! Oh, no! There's smoke clouds in the air! Oh, no! I can't believe my eyes! I have to help them, Hurry Jack... they wouldn't dare! Oh, no!

Oh, no! Oh, no! There's something very wrong! Oh, no! These things here don't belong!

Oh, no! The streets are lined with Little creatures crying, All the others must be hiding! Christmas spirit is subsiding! Oh, no! Oh, no!

The joyous decorations here Are melting from the fire! No doubt the work of Oogie Boogie, Drat that no good liar!

There's fear in every window, Oh, I can't believe my eyes! And in my bones I feel the urge To cut him down to size... OH, NO!

And there! Just Look! His monsters have controlled- Look out! It chills me to my soul! No more! They're gathering the presents to ignite them, Don't they know who they are for? Oh, no!

Oh, no! He's here, It's all part of his plan... The nerve! He's really gone too far this time!

It's up to me to put a stop to this. Now is my chance, I cannot miss! This town is counting on me, So I must take charge and let them know, The time is now, For them to go, Who could have started such a mess?! Oh, no!

Oh, no, what now? The peaceful town is ruined! And look, the Christmas tree is bare! Attacked! By some unwelcome fiends, I tell you, I will snare them, And make sure they pay for their Outlandish, rude behavior. OH, NO!

The cheerfulness is missing, And the wonder isn't here! And in their place there seems to be A paralyzing fear!

Instead of songs, I swear I can hear screaming in the air! The stench of Oogie Boogie's absolutely everywhere...

The ghosts, the ghouls! They're everywhere and all around! I've never felt so sad before! This happy place in front of me is being trashed, So greedily, so greedily!

It's tragic! Oh, it's tragic! I can't stand and watch it burn! I've got to save this Christmas Town, Right from the strength within my bones! This must stop!

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