Pick-Ups are collectible items found in The Nightmare Before Christmas: The Pumpkin King. They belong to the residents of Halloween Town.


When the Bug army invaded Halloween Town the frightened townspeople grabbed their possessions and throw them in ramdom places all over the town, hoping it would keep them safe from the ravenus insects. The Mayor tasked Jack with reclaiming them for their rightful owners. The items are personal and reflect a key characteristic of the owner, like the shoe from Sally's leg thats always falls off or Oogie's dice for his gambling habit.

Picking up the items also unlocks concept art.


1: Sally's shoe

The shoe from Sally's torn foot

2: Mayor's bow tie

The Mayor's spare bow tie

3: behemoth's axe

The axe in Behemoth's head

4: Unicycle

The Clown's unicycle

5: Witch's broom

The Witch's magic broom

6: Witch's brew

A strange potion made by the witches

7: Oogie's dice

Skeleton dice with literal snake eye's

8: Mr. Hyde's hat

Mr. Hyde's big hat

9: Vampire's umbrella

Vampires' umbrella. It keeps out the rain and the sunlight

10: Doc's beaker

This beaker, used by the Doctor, can be used to make many concoctions

11: Plasma pumkin

Not has yummy as the real thing.

12: Barrel's ball and chain

This limits the mobility of Barrel's mischief

13: Old saxophone

The Saxophone Player's horn

14: Doc's shades

Dr. Finkelstein's tiny sunglasses

15: Night shade soup

Sally's special sleeping soup

16: Black candy

Barrel's favorite sweet treat

17: Fog juice

This concoction generates a thick fog.

18: Clown's beanie

The Clown's propeller hat

19: Mayor's name tag

The badge bearing the Mayor's name moniker

20: Trophy

a trophy awarded to ghastly Halloween scares

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