The Pumpkin Narrator is the narrator of the video game The Nightmare Before Christmas: The Pumpkin King. It introduces the events of the game, as well as establish that the game's story came to a close. The Narrator speaks in rhymes.

The Pumpkin King[edit | edit source]

The Pumpkin Narrator's only appearance is in The Pumpkin King, being the first character the player is introduced to. It "states that it was "...Halloween Eve quite a long time ago. Many years before Jack's adventures with Christmas, Sandy Claus and snow..." before the main story begins.

After Jack defeats Oogie Boogie and rescues Sally, he leads the other Halloween Town residents to celebrate Halloween. The Pumpkin Narrator reappears and states "...our story ends here, as all is well. No crawlies to be found, no stink bugs to smell. No more pinchers to bite. No more vermin to sting. Thanks all to our friend, Jack Skellington...The Pumpkin King."

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