The Scary Teddy or Vampire Teddy-Bear as it is referred to in the poem, is a vampire-like teddy bear with a big open mouth grin and Mickey Mouse-like ears.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Edit

Jack Skellington as Santa Claus gave a Scary Teddy on Christmas. It flew and chased a little boy and a little girl until the real Santa Claus returned and replaced the fake Teddy with a normal Teddy Bear.

The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie's Revenge Edit

The Scary Teddy appears as a common enemy called "Trick" alongside another enemy named "Treat" (a Jack-o'-lantern, thus creating a nod to "trick-or-treat).

Haunted Mansion Holiday Edit

The Scary Teddy is a recurring character in Haunted Mansion Holiday, replacing the raven character from the mainstream ride. It is shown causing mayhem around the mansion.

Trivia Edit

  • The Scary Teddy is considered something of a Hidden Mickey due to its head shape resembling the famous mouse.
  • The Teddy's face very much resembles the Schreck Department-Store Cheshire Cat from Tim Burton's Batman Returns (1993). Burton was working on this film the same year as the Nightmare Before Christmas was in production and came out.

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