Snake And Spider Stew, is referenced in the movie during two songs. First in Kidnap The Sandy Claws (Song), and secondly in Oogie Boogie's Song (Song). It's presumed to be Oogie Boogie's favorite meal, and may also keep him alive due to the fact that his insides are made up of bugs and a snake for a tongue. The ingredients are snakes, and spiders, and are probably gathered by "Oogie's boy's" Lock, Shock, and Barrel. The three also enjoy eating the stew.

Movie ReferencesEdit

Oogie BoogieEdit

A line from Oogie Boogie's Song (Song) that was cut from the final movie:

"Well if I'm feelin' antsy, and I've nothin' much to do, I might just cook a special batch of snake and spider stew. And don't you know the one thing that would make it work so nice? A roly-poly Sandy Claws to add a little spice!"

Oogie Boogie is a demonic figure that is a naughty figure that delivers kids bad luck on Halloween.

Lock Shock & BarrelEdit

From Kidnap The Sandy Claws (Song):

"Because Mr. Oogie Boogie is the meanest guy around. If I were on his Boogie list, I'd get out of town. He'll be so pleased by our success. That he'll reward us too, I bet. Perhaps he'll make his special brew. Of snake and spider stew, Mmmmmm!"

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