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Announcement 11/11/2018

To the Nightmare community, contributors, and admins:

There has been an unwarranted amount of spam and vandalism found recently on the wiki. 3-4 days ago, a FANDOM User deleted content from numerous pages, created new, unnecessary pages to the Wiki, and gave poor excuses for their actions. I want to thank everyone who has attended to the ordeal, users ZimTheIrkenInvader231 and Kaifeck were great help to restoring the information and ending this vandalism/spam. I have deleted the pages I found that the user may have added or any other unnecessary material. If there is anything I have missed, please let me know.

To future or existing contributors to this Wiki, be aware that edits and actions like these are not tolerated. As proved here, there are ways to undo your revisions and delete the pages you make. Be cautious of what you are adding, editing, and removing. Take note of what pages already exist, and make sure you are being as close to the original source as possible.

Thank you to everyone, and let's ensure that this will not be a frequent issue.

--Rainbow (talk) 18:31, November 11, 2018 (UTC)

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