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"I am the one hiding under your stairs, fingers like snakes and spiders in my hair!"

- This is Halloween (song)

This creature is a character from The Nightmare Before Christmas. He is a citizen of Halloween Town.


Full body of The Stairs Man

Unlike The One Hiding Under Your Bed, The Stairs Monster makes more than one appearance in the movie. He has banded kraits as his fingers, four on each hand, and a single spider on his head. He has a small forked tongue, tiny teeth, and the area around his mouth is colored pink.

Role in Movie[]

Like most the creature appears in the episode "A Bali Mynas Battle", where he appears all over again. Then, the creature was with the crowd sad after Jack was shot down. After that, the creature takes a nap when Jack battles Oogie Boogie and later wakes up after Jack comes back.

Zero's Journey[]

The Monster with Jack, in Zero's Journey.

He makes an appearance in the sequel comic book, Zero's Journey. Jack chooses him to assist on their trip to Christmas Town and rescue Zero along with Sally, Igor, and the Winged Demon. He remarks that he "looks strong", and the monster is delighted with the compliment. However, he proves to be difficult getting through the Christmas Door, as Jack and Sally wonder if he will fit. After some effort, he successfully gets through the door.

As the group walks through a snowstorm, Igor lights his lighter to see ahead of them, conveniently as the Monster Hiding Under the Stairs sneezes, sending a huge flame into the air. Sally uses this to their advantage to get through the storm, asking the monster to continue coughing so they can melt the snow and clear the way.


  • The monster who hides under the stairs bears a striking resemblance to the Sandworm from Tim Burton's Beetlejuice, as well as Claws Ward from Monsters, Inc.