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The four Vampire brothers are citizens of Halloween Town. They are all different height and width. Two of them are tall and skinny, the other two are fat. They also are apparently of different ranks- Prince, Baron, Lord, and Count. They wear a black cape with a red collar and they use black umbrellas to block out the sun during the daytime in some sequences.

Jack the Pumpkin King[]

In The Pumpkin King, they, like everyone else, are driven out of town by the bug army. One of them is put into some kind of trance by Lock, Shock, and Barrel but is restored to normal after its death. They reward Jack the Bat Boomerang upgrade Dr. Finkelstein asked him to deliver.

The Nightmare Before Christmas[]

The Vampire Prince is as tall as an average man, and has the most speaking roles between the four of them. He appears to also be their leader. One of his scenes takes place when the Halloween Town Residents search for Jack Skellington, who has wandered off. He appears with his comrades, and he says to the Mayor, "I peeked behind the Cyclops' eye." He then pulls out his own eye, and then sticks it back in, saying, " I did, but he wasn't there". His head is shaped like an upside down triangle. The Vampire Baron is portly, and small. He is about the size of a 10-year old boy, and yet as wide as two. His head is flabby, rather like a white cabbage. The Vampire Count is as tall as the Vampire Lord, but about three times as wide. His head is rather like the Vampire Prince, but wider. Lastly, The Vampire Lord is as tall as the Vampire Count, yet he is much slimmer. He has only one speaking line besides his singing: When the other residents of Halloween Town search for Jack, The Vampires are all in the lower level of the "Mayor Mobile", Vampire Lord then yawns, and mutters, "This morning!".

Oogie's Revenge []

In Oogie's Revenge, Jack needs to get the keys to get into the mayor's house from the vampire brothers. The brothers opposed Oogie's rule and, as punishment, were turned into cursed living bat statues. Jack must round up the bats and one by one return them to their coffins (they can be stunned by presents). Once they are all returned to normal, they open up the path to the mayor's house for Jack.


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