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The Wolfman is a werewolf who lives in Halloween Town. He has a very hoarse and grizzly voice which is matched by his tough and strong demeanor.


He wears a torn plaid shirt, and he has a brown wolf-like body, but stands on two legs like a man.


Like the rest of the werewolves, Wolfman is fierce, stern, and a little bit gruff. When he and the citizens of Halloween Town realize that Jack died, he is understandably devastated. He also tends to be confused by the snow at Christmas time when he said, "Must be a Christmas thing!"

The Pumpkin King[]

When the Bug army invaded Halloween Town, the Wolfman was attacked by some leeches because of Lock, Shock, and Barrel's devices called Bad Blood Machines, which release a poison gas that makes the leeches go crazy in the acid baths. Jack helped him by destroying the machine.

The Nightmare Before Christmas[]

The Wolfman is first seen alongside the Harlequin Demon and Melting Man in This is Halloween, when he breaks out of the wall, singing "This is Halloween!" and yelling "Aren't you scared?!"

He also has singing roles in the Town Meeting Song, Jack's Obsession, Making Christmas, and the Finale.

When Jack is thought to have been killed by a missile, he lets out a mournful howl. Later, the Wolfman was seen in the end with his last words, "Must be a Christmas thing", as he shakes snow off of his body.